The Kebab Club Lamb Kofte Recipe

The Kebab Club Lamb Kofte Recipe

Serves 4 hungry people

Kofte is one of our favourite kebabs. A juicy Kofte on flatbread drizzled in Turkish Chilli Sauce and Garlic Sauce is so hard to beat! For this recipe we have used half beef and half lamb - you can use just lamb mince as well if you prefer. The key is to make sure you use minced meat with a high fat content as it keeps the kofte moist and full of flavour.

If you struggle with skewering, you can always roll them in little burger style patties. If you are skewering then make sure you use flat wide skewers, they help to cook the meat inside & also create a bigger surface area to stop it falling off.


  • 500g Minced Beef (20%)
  • 500g Minced Lamb (15% +)
  • 6tsp The Kebab Club Kofte Dry Rub
  • 30g Fresh Parsley, chopped

Cooking Instructions

  1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl. Get your hands in and give it a good mix to make sure all of the parsley and dry rub is evenly distributed.
  2. To skewer, make sure you have a bowl of water near by. The key is to keep your hands damp so that the meat doesn't stick to your hands. Divide the meat into 4 balls and roll into a slightly elongated shape. Slide the skewer through the centre of the ball, use one hand to gently squash the meat whilst manoeuvring it down the skewer. Keep squeezing from top to bottom to make sure the meat is even down the length of the skewer. Then, wet your thumb and press it firmly down the length of the kofte to create ridges. Repeat this process for the other 3 skewers.
  3. Now they are ready to BBQ! Make sure your coal has fully settled before cooking the kofte, they are high in fat so can easily catch on flames. Do not be tempted to turn the kofte too early, they are ready to turn when they easily come away from the grill. Once they are beautifully charred and juicy they are ready to eat!
  4. Serve on a flatbread with a herby salad, some chargrilled peppers and drizzle with Turkish Chilli Sauce and Turkish Garlic Sauce!! We promise the table will be silent except for the mmms and ahhhs of satisfaction!

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