Chicken Shish with Charred Sweetcorn & Avocado Salad

Chicken Shish with Charred Sweetcorn & Avocado Salad

Serves 2

This simple but tasty salad is a great alternative to serve with your Chicken Shish!

The chargrilled sweetcorn adds a delicious smokey crunch, whilst the avocado brings a creamy element to contrast.

You won't regret trying it!


For the Chicken Shish

For the Salad

  • 2 Handfuls Rocket
  • 1/2 Large Avocado (or 1 small)
  • 1 Corn on the Cob
  • 50g Feta Cheese
  • 1/2 Red Onion
  • 1 Lime
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Red Chilli Pepper

Cooking Instructions

  1. Marinate the chicken breast in the chicken shish marinade, leave to marinate over night or for minimum of 1 hour. Skewer your chicken breast onto your skewers, take care to make sure you are skewering through the middle of the chicken to ensure an even cook.
  2. Place your corn on the cob on the BBQ, turning regularly until cooked and charred all round. Once your corn on the cob is cooked leave to cool until you are able to handle it. (This can also be replicated on a hot griddle pan or in the oven if you do not want to BBQ).
  3. After removing your corn, place your chicken shish on your BBQ or on your griddle pan and cook for around 15mins (turning half way through) until the chicken is golden brown and slightly charred but still moist and juicy. You can also place your chilli peppers on the BBQ at this point.
  4. Meanwhile, prepare your salad by finely slicing the onion and chopping the avocado into bitesize chunks. Using a sharp knife, slice the kernels from the cob by holding the corn vertically and running your knife down the cob. Place these ingredients along with the rocket into a large bowl. Squeeze the juice of the lime and drizzle with the oil. Give it a good mix and finish by crumbling the feta over the top.
  5. Toast your flatbread on the BBQ, then place on your plate with the chicken shish on top, and dress with your delicious charred corn salad & chilli pepper. Enjoy!!!

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