Chicken Shish Wraps with Tzatziki and Sumac Onions

Mark's Chicken Shish Wrap with Tzatziki and Sumac Onions

Serves 2

Marks Kitchen and BBQ created these tasty Chicken Shish Wraps which are perfect for a mid week meal or even to show off to guests. The Tzatziki and Sumac Onions are an extra special touch which add a cool zestiness to the chicken and you then get a lovely kick from the Hot Turkish Chilli Sauce.

4 boneless free range chicken thighs
1/2 jar of The Kebab Club Chicken Shish Marinade

125ml Greek Yoghurt
1/4 Cucumber
1 Garlic Clove
1/2 juice of a Lemon

Sumac Onions:
1 Red Onion
1tbsp Sumac
50ml Olive Oil
Handful of chopped Parsley
Zest of 1/2 Lemon 

Additional Ingredients:
2 Flatbreads (or wraps)
5 Cherry Tomatoes, quartered
A handful Coriander and/or salad leaves
20g Pomegranate Seeds
1tbsp @thekebabclub Hot Turkish Chilli Sauce

Cooking Instructions

  1. Cut the chicken thighs into long strips, place in a bowl and rub in The Kebab Club Chicken Shish Marinade. Refrigerate for 12-24hrs.
  2. Prepare the bbq for direct cooking, and skewer the chicken thighs, You could cook them in an airfare or frying pan for 10-12mins.
  3. Cut the cucumber length ways and then into quarters. Remove the centre seeds then grate the cucumber pieces, wrap in a cloth and squeeze out the excess liquid. 
  4. Mix the grated cucumber with the yoghurt, then crush the garlic clove and add to the mix, add a squeeze of fresh lemon and mix well. Adjust lemon/salt to taste. 
  5. Once the coals are up to temperature, cook the chicken skewers, ensuring the chicken is fully cooked to a minimum of 75 deg c.
  6. Thinly slice the onion, add the sumac, the chopped parsley, the zest of one lemon and mix well with the Olive Oil. leave to marinate for 30mins. Taste and adjust the sumac, lemon zest as required. 
  7. Once cooked remove from the heat and then warm the flatbreads. 
  8. To assemble, add a layer of tzatziki to the warm flatbreads (or wraps), then add sumac onions and the chicken pieces. Spoon over the Hot Turkish Chilli Sauce before adding a squeeze of lemon and the salad. Wrap together and enjoy! 

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