Aldi supermarket tv programme

Some Big News: We're going to be on TV!

We are so excited to finally announce that we will be appearing on Channel 4's Aldi's Next Big Thing! 

Last year we had the opportunity to pitch our products to Aldi's Managing Director of Buying Julie Ashfield, Anita Rani and Chris Bavin as part of the second series of Aldi's Next Big Thing. 

Although it was extremely nerve racking we had such an amazing experience meeting the presenters, other brilliant small businesses and seeing what TV is like behind the scenes! We practiced our pitch over and over in the lead up which involved making endless chicken shish kebabs (by the end of it even we were sick of eating kebabs!) but we wanted to make sure we nailed it. We travelled up to Aldi Headquarters in Birmingham for a full day of filming with 5 other small businesses in our 'World' category, we all had to take it in turns (whilst watching eachother!) to pitch to the judges and tell our story. We also had the camera crew come to our home and factory to interview us and see our little kitchen in Southend - on - Sea where the business first began back in 2021. 


The first episode of Aldi's Next Big Thing starts on Tuesday 2nd April at 8pm on channel 4 but you'll have to wait until episode 5 on Tuesday 30th April to see how we got on! We are dreading hearing our own voices and seeing ourselves on TV but we are so excited for The Kebab Club and want to keep waving the flag for Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot cuisine because we truly believe it is the best in the world and deserves its space on supermarket shelves! 

Make sure you tune in!